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Feeling the Heart of the World at Voices of Wisdom

By Gwen Broz

Listening to Kahontakwas, Diane Longboat, and Taoyewakanwi (Her Ways Are Sacred), Charlene O’Rourke, at the Voices of Wisdom at the Blue Deer Center June 11-12 was like a waking dream for me.

Kahontakwas Diane Longboat

As Diane began speaking, she was both speaking and listening to the … Read more


Reviving A River, Reviving A Lost Culture

This story appeared originally in Vikalp Sangam, an India-based storytelling site on alternatives emerging from the grassroots and social movements.

Story and photos by Rucha Chitnis

“A River is Like Our Mother”

“The elders used to call Myntdu River their mother,” shares H. H. Mohrmen, a Jaintia Unitarian minister … Read more

Sacred fire 70

Concentric Circles Sharing Fire at the Centre

by Elyse Portal

Voices of Wisdom, in Asheville NC, completed one circle and initiated another. Before I knew anything about the Sacred Fire Community or Foundation, I knew Wanbdi Wakita. The circle began about 15 years ago, in the heat of Wanbdi’s Purification Ceremony, where I prayed to my Ancestors … Read more


Wanbdi Wakita, the calling of a Holy Man

By Pahan Pte San Win and Elyse Portal

Wanbdi Wakita will be a presenter at our upcoming Voices of Wisdom event that will take place in Asheville, North Carolina on May 21st and 22nd, 2016.

Wanbdi Wakita, whose name translates into English as Looking Eagle, was born at home with … Read more

Making payments for all of humanity at the sacred site of Cañaveral. The Black Line Journey marks the first time the Wiwas have sent a full delegation to work with the Arhuacos in this way.

Words from the Mamos. Insights from the Black Line Journey 2015

The Indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Martha in Colombia have a mission of utmost importance: to bring healing and balance to the earth for the benefit of all of humanity through their spiritual work of offerings and ceremony.

They consider their land to be the heart of … Read more

maasai girl

Maasai youth go on a life changing journey back to tradition

By Cindy Fogle

The Maasai youth, whose people reside and travel along the border between Kenya and Tanzania, sit in the crosshairs of modernization. Like many indigenous youth they face immense pressure by outside forces attempting to instill in them that their ways are backwards, irrelevant and something for which … Read more

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From Extinction to Existence: The Wôpanâak Language

Dormant for 150 years, a lost Indigenous language is brought back to life by a Native woman, setting into motion a cultural revitalization process

This blog is part of a series of Sacred Fire Foundation on the importance of resourcing indigenous-led groups that are revitalizing native languages as a key Read more

A Sacred Fire grant enabled indigenous elders from Colombia to go on their pilgrimage to make offerings to the 54 sacred sites to strengthen their traditions and bring balance and healing to their communities.

Nurturing the “Inner Tech”: What We Can Learn from Traditional Cultures

Blog by Lawrence I. Messerman

Photo: Rick Harlow

Recently, traditional wisdom received some high-level acknowledgement in an area where it rarely gets much credibility. That’s because the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three people including China’s Youyou Tu. Dr. Tu was honored for her work in isolating Artemisinin—which … Read more

Lakota photo 1

Reviving Native Languages, Reviving a Vital Lifeline for Cultural Survival

Blog by Rucha Chitnis

This is part one of our series on the role of philanthropy to preserve endangered native languages by resourcing indigenous-led groups that are on the frontlines striving for cultural survival.

Language extinction can lead to cultural annihilation. When a language is lost, a culture is lost … Read more